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    Hiqua announces the company's Web site a new on-line in 2015! [  2015-01  ]
    Hiqua organized a fire drill at the end of 2014! [  2014-12  ]
    Warmly welcome MHPSCS ‘s Mr. Araki to visit our company! [  2014-09  ]
    Hiqua sets up a safety production team to take special management of the fire safety and safety production of the company. [  2014-08  ]
    Warmly welcome the leaders of Schneider to visit our study guide! [  2014-04  ]
    New high-tech automatic spray line has been completed and put into trial production. [  2014-03  ]
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      company overview

            As a Japan enterprise, Hiqua Electro-Mechanical 、Solutions Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuhai city, the company is established in Oct. 2000, and covers 20 thousand square meters, the invest amount is 4.46 Million USD. We are engaging in processing all sorts of power distribution cabinets, drivers, etc.

            With the development of the production and the requirements of the clients, we gradually expand the business of electric inner products and its installation, all kinds of assorted electrics, design of measurement devices, production of the electric cabinet, machine supply, construction and electric guide, etc., ,moreover, we dispatch experienced technical advisors for support. We consider the customer’s situation, and pursue economical efficiency and superior quality.

            The company has different advanced Japanese lathes and a production line of perfect coating; in addition, with the excellent technology and senior engineers of Japan and China, we are able to deliver goods with high quality on time.

    Company name: Hiqua Electro-Mechanical Solutions Co., Ltd.
    Time of establishment: October, 2000 Aggregate Investment: 4,460,000 US dollars
    Area: 20000M2

    1. Processing sheet metal

    Material: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, iron, etc.

    Thickness of the sheets: 0.3mm—6mm(processing other materials supplied by clients)

    Processes: cutting(ion cutting, gas cutting), punching, bending, locking, deep drawing, roll bending, seams, surface treatment, baking paint

    2. Processing hardwares and molds

    Materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper

    Shapes: board, strip, bar(according to the materials)

    Processes: turning, drilling, milling, polishing, etc.

    3. Relevant electricity systems design, power cabinets and electricity cabinets manufacturer

    4. Industrial machineries operating control, PLC control systems design, control panels manufacture

    5. Motors rotation control, MCC panels manufacture

    6. Quotations of kinds of projects, providing components of electricity cabinets, construction sites equipments commissioning

    7. Production of thermal power plant’s related core equipment (oil burner, coal burner, splitter, AA wind box, expansion joint)

    Production facilities:

    Automatic spraying equipments, AIDA automatic material storages, plate-leveling machines, AMADA CNC bending machines, AMADA Komatsu CNC cutting machines, oil hydraulic double angle cutters, 3-roller plate bending rolls, spotwelding machines, milling machines and kinds of equipment for sanding, polishing, riveting, punching, tapping and so on.

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